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Screening the Porch

New Screens

Ahh spring, we went from freezing to stifling hot in a matter of days. Last week it was too cool to sit on the deck and this week it is too hot. I had to take a course on programming my HVAC and start using my earth tube for cooling. My earth tube has been a champ so far providing all the cooling I need. I will give more details on that in a coming post as now the NRC has set up about 8 monitoring points for the earth tube so I can see it operating minute by minute.

The screening was delayed several times but finally is being installed. Of course, it will not really useful until all the panels and the door are done.

The screening system is by Screen Tight.

Bordering for screens

See the video for the product installation:

Screen Spline used – as you roll it in it tightens screening

Other spring news, I decided to change the orientation of the dock to a T-sytle which required new anchor points to be welded on. I had to find a mobile aluminum welder.

The water is so deep I have no need to extend the dock far into the river. This gives me more room to move on the dock.

I also used some left over wood and built various raised bed to start my garden. I used left over landscape fabric to line the inside to protect the wood so it lasts a few years. I will also use one of the left over metal roof panels to make another raised beds. I understand these steel beds will last forever.

Another spring project was to build some shelves and organize my gardening equipment. I did this under the covered porch as this gives me a cool place to work and protect my equipment and my canoe. The deck is quite high and so are the shelves so I need a ladder to reach them. Fortunately this is stuff I take out once and put back once per season.

Looking north
Looking South

Still many jobs to do but at least I can get the garden in this year and enjoy swimming and fishing off my dock. It is also nice to retreat to a comfortably cool house in the heat of the day.

One thought on “Screening the Porch

  1. Looked awesome when we were there and deck screening, cool air, an organized garden center and raised beds will all enhance your beautiful house! It will be extraordinary when finished!!

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