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Michèle Le Saux

I am concerned about the environment and how we are living in it. I am learning how to reduce my carbon foot print by starting with my home. I am designing a new high performance home with little to no need of external energy.

Most of my career was spent in the space sector. I am systems engineer by training and experience. Buildings are systems and subsystems that all need to work together efficiently. We need to be designing and building systems with the following requirements:

  • low impact on environment when building: carefully chosen building materials and mechanical systems which are as local as possible
  • design with minimal waste: material waste, transportation waste, packaging waste, as well as products that use recycled materials or materials that are byproducts of other processes
  • use materials that capture carbon like wood and wood fibres
  • create a house that consumes only electricity and as little as possible
  • generate electricity using renewable resources
  • incorporate passive heating, cooling and lighting into the design (exposure, windows, geothermal,…)
  • design for resilience. More extreme weather is coming due to climate change. The house built for sustainability and resilience will last the longest and have the lowest carbon footprint.
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