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Thermal Imaging and Greener Homes Program Update

The public library in Ottawa has several thermal imaging cameras you can borrow. The wait time is several months as there seems to be a lot of demand.

The camera is not terrific resolution. It gives you an accurate temperature reading but I am not sure I could find air leaks. You need to have a temperature differential of at least 14 C to get any decent readings. This morning it was 4 C outside and 19 C inside so I had 15 C difference.

Image of door to deck from inside
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Planting Trees and Shrubs and Adventures in Cattle Herding

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority coming to plant my trees

As part of the the shoreline stabilization plan, I am planting trees and shrubs on my property to help mitigate erosion, stabilize the slope on my property and to make up for the trees removed during construction. This is a programme partly funding by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authourity (MVCA) and the City of Ottawa Shoreline Stabilization Programme. MVCA pays for half and the City of Ottawa may pay for part of the rest.

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A Sustainable Water Supply

As some of you might know, the well my contractor procured was a dud. They drilled 205 feet and the water was full of iron and other metals. Once I paid a significant amount for a treatment system to produce drinkable water, the water changed and became salty making it untreatable. This was significant as living without water or using water that both stains and corrodes is not a very good idea for my plumbing or applicances. I needed a better solution. At that point I bought a holding tank that I put in my garage and had bulk water delivered until I could find a permanent solution.

Bulk Water Delivery
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Earth Tube and House Performance

Part of this project was to monitor the performance of the building envelope and of the earth tube/air source heat pump combo. NRCan team members have installed sensors in various places allowing this monitoring. This will continue for a few years. We could not yet monitor the energy use of the Minotair as it is wired into the breaker not a plug.  I will see what we can do after the solar install.

Earth Tube air intake – notice sensor mounted on side
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Screening the Porch

New Screens

Ahh spring, we went from freezing to stifling hot in a matter of days. Last week it was too cool to sit on the deck and this week it is too hot. I had to take a course on programming my HVAC and start using my earth tube for cooling. My earth tube has been a champ so far providing all the cooling I need. I will give more details on that in a coming post as now the NRC has set up about 8 monitoring points for the earth tube so I can see it operating minute by minute.

The screening was delayed several times but finally is being installed. Of course, it will not really useful until all the panels and the door are done.

The screening system is by Screen Tight.

Bordering for screens

See the video for the product installation:

Screen Spline used – as you roll it in it tightens screening

Other spring news, I decided to change the orientation of the dock to a T-sytle which required new anchor points to be welded on. I had to find a mobile aluminum welder.

The water is so deep I have no need to extend the dock far into the river. This gives me more room to move on the dock.

I also used some left over wood and built various raised bed to start my garden. I used left over landscape fabric to line the inside to protect the wood so it lasts a few years. I will also use one of the left over metal roof panels to make another raised beds. I understand these steel beds will last forever.

Another spring project was to build some shelves and organize my gardening equipment. I did this under the covered porch as this gives me a cool place to work and protect my equipment and my canoe. The deck is quite high and so are the shelves so I need a ladder to reach them. Fortunately this is stuff I take out once and put back once per season.

Looking north
Looking South

Still many jobs to do but at least I can get the garden in this year and enjoy swimming and fishing off my dock. It is also nice to retreat to a comfortably cool house in the heat of the day.

Certifications, Upgrades and Still Things Left to be done

More insulation going into the attic

The insulation company came back to ensure we really have 2 ft of insulation in the attic. After their first visit we noticed there was not 24″everywhere. They claim that just the weight of the insulation causing some compaction. Few of their customers ask for 24″ so they don’t see this very often. Now I have at least 25″ everywhere. This should give me somewhere between an R-value of 80-100.

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