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Wow, This Seems to be Dragging On!

There are times on this project where everything just seems to take forever!

The siding company was missing for ten days. After getting a sizable interim payment, the drywaller went incommunicado, and the trim guys miss days for no known reason. And to top it all off, the danger sign at the end of Ivy Acres seems to have given up and fallen over. Is that a bad omen?

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Inspection Issues

We had the building inspector come on Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This was our 5th inspection and this was the our 5th different inspector. Each time we need to explain the building technique. It appears they do not familiarize themselves with the file before they come. They also ask us to supply them documents provided for the building permit. Apparently it is easier to get them from the clients then to get them from their own office.

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