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Thermal Imaging and Greener Homes Program Update

The public library in Ottawa has several thermal imaging cameras you can borrow. The wait time is several months as there seems to be a lot of demand. The camera is not terrific resolution. It gives you an accurate temperature reading but I am not sure I could find air leaks. You need to haveContinue reading “Thermal Imaging and Greener Homes Program Update”

Planting Trees and Shrubs and Adventures in Cattle Herding

As part of the the shoreline stabilization plan, I am planting trees and shrubs on my property to help mitigate erosion, stabilize the slope on my property and to make up for the trees removed during construction. This is a programme partly funding by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authourity (MVCA) and the City of OttawaContinue reading “Planting Trees and Shrubs and Adventures in Cattle Herding”

A Sustainable Water Supply

As some of you might know, the well my contractor procured was a dud. They drilled 205 feet and the water was full of iron and other metals. Once I paid a significant amount for a treatment system to produce drinkable water, the water changed and became salty making it untreatable. This was significant asContinue reading “A Sustainable Water Supply”

Earth Tube and House Performance

Part of this project was to monitor the performance of the building envelope and of the earth tube/air source heat pump combo. NRCan team members have installed sensors in various places allowing this monitoring. This will continue for a few years. We could not yet monitor the energy use of the Minotair as it isContinue reading “Earth Tube and House Performance”